Media Anthology

November 06 to 12, 2018

Fight Against Last Vestige of ISIS in Syria Stalls, to Dismay of U.S.EnglishThe New York TimesNovember 6, 2018Conflict and Military
Al-Asa'eb Al-Hamra avenge Jaish Ezza, and attack the Russian Fifth Corps and regime forces in rural HamaArabicSyrian Observatory For Human RightsNovember 10, 2018Conflict and Military
Fuel Prices Increases Suffering in Opposition AreasEnglishThe Syrian ObserverNovember 12, 2018Economic
Four trade and humanitarian crossings link Turkey and rural AleppoArabicEnab BaladiNovember 10, 2018Economic
Raqqa after Isis: Meet the 30-year-old woman rebuilding the former capital of the ‘caliphate’EnglishThe IndependentNovember 10, 2018Governance and Service Management
Parliament Amends Law No. 10EnglishThe Syrian ObserverNovember 8, 2018Governance and Service Management
The only working hospital in Deir-ez-Zor is Al-Assad HospitalArabicAl-HalNovember 6, 2018Governance and Service Management
Where Are ISIS Fighters Following Its Military Defeat?EnglishChatham HouseNovember 8, 2018Social Dynamics
After the assassination of about 385 people in Idleb and its surroundings, unknown [individuals] loot a relief organization office north of IdlebArabicSyrian Observatory For Human RightsNovember 6, 2018Social Dynamics
Needs and Skills - Market AssessmentEnglishRoia NGO October 15, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Civil society, aid organizations withdraw into the shadows as Syrian government reasserts controlEnglishSyria Direct November 8, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Northeast Syria: Area-Based Assessment of Deir-ez-Zor Governorate - November 2018EnglishReliefwebNovember 8, 2018Humanitarian & Development
New Syria UN envoy should kill political process to save itEnglishOrient NewsNovember 11, 2018International Intervention
After the Jordanian approval, Russia is rallying in support of its plan to remove Ar-Rukban campArabicEnab BaladiNovember 8, 2018International Intervention
Arab Fractures: Citizens, States, and Social ContractsEnglishCarnegie Endowment for International PeaceFebruary 1, 2017Other
Legacies of Survival: Syria's Uncomfortable Security HybridityEnglishCarnegie Middle East CenterOctober 30, 2018Other
Armies, Milities, and (re)integration in fragmented StatesEnglishCarnegie Endowment for International PeaceOctober 30, 2018Other
ISIS release 7 U.S soldiers after negotiations with SDFArabicBaladi NewsNovember 6, 2018Other