Media Anthology

December 04 to 10, 2018

US-backed SDF advances further into ISIS held Hajin, takes control of hospitalEnglishThe Daily StarDecember 10, 2018Conflict and Military
Assad’s forces repeated attempts at sneaking in to Idlib, commanders explain clarify the reasonsEnglishEnab Baladi12//2018Conflict and Military
Syria to export medicine to Russia, Arab States starting 2020EnglishFARS News AgencyDecember 10, 2018Economic
Syria’s standard of living crisis infographicEnglishChatham HouseDecember 8, 2018Economic
Government of Syria issues 2019 budget of $9 billion and no deficitArabicSky News ArabiaDecember 7, 2018Economic
ReconstructionArabicThe Syria PageDecember 10, 2018Economic
A year after the end of ISIS control in Raqqa, a ruined city looks to rebuildEnglishSyrian Observatory of Human RightsDecember 8, 2018Governance and Service Management
Impact of the war on the governmental educationArabicSalon SyriaDecember 10, 2018Governance and Service Management
After years in jail without trial or hope, Syria’s hunger strikers fight for justiceEnglishThe GuardianDecember 7, 2018Social Dynamics
A Russian patrol was expelled from the city of Shahba in As-SweidaArabicEnab BaladiDecember 6, 2018Social Dynamics
Aid deliveries to Syria at risk in UN Security Council voteEnglishIntegrated Regional Information Networks NewsDecember 4, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Major UN aid delivery to Syria from Jordan EnglishReliefwebDecember 9, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Post-Soviet security bloc ready to organize humanitarian mission in Syria EnglishTASS Russian NewsDecember 9, 2018Humanitarian & Development
SDF disintegrate Arishah camp south of Hasakeh and its inhabitants refuseArabicBaladi NewsDecember 6, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Russia bolsters its outreach in Syria amid struggle for influenceEnglishThe Arab WeeklyDecember 9, 2018International Intervention
Washington is training around 40 thousand fighters in SyriaArabicEnab BaladiDecember 7, 2018International Intervention
Mass graves highlight challenges in post-ISIS RaqqaEnglishVoice of America NewsDecember 8, 2018Other
In about 93 months, about 560 thousand were killed in Syria since the day of claiming rights to the international human rights dayEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human Rights12//2018Other
The road to Damascus: the Arabs march back to befriend AssadEnglishWar on the RocksDecember 7, 2018Other