Media Anthology

November 13 to 19, 2018

Russian-Iranian Conflict Erupts in Deir ez-ZorEnglishChatham HouseNovember 15, 2018Conflict and Military
The objectives of the Turkish security campaign in AfrinArabicANA PressNovember 19, 2018Conflict and Military
Gulf forces enter the front line east of EuphratesArabicMalper PostNovember 18, 2018Conflict and Military
Damage to Farmers in Syria Exceeds a Trillion PoundsEnglishThe Syrian ObserverNovember 15, 2018Economic
Car plant shows limits to Iran's economic ambitions in SyriaEnglishReutersNovember 14, 2018Economic
The largest olive exporter area in Syria looking for a market to dischargeArabicEnab BaladiNovember 18, 2018Economic
Law 10 amendments: Damage still existsArabicAl ModonNovember 13, 2018Governance and Service Management
Syria's new media law: No prison for journalists, and more authorities for the "cyber crimes" officeArabicAl ModonNovember 19, 2018Governance and Service Management
‘We don’t even know if he’s alive’: Despite promises of reconciliation, rebels and former opposition figures disappearEnglishSyria DirectNovember 15, 2018Social Dynamics
Joint patrols for "Air Intelligence" and "Military Security" arrest senior officers of the government of Syria in DamascusArabicEldorar Al-ShamiehNovember 19, 2018Social Dynamics
Assad Calls on Alawite Youth to Join MilitaryEnglishThe Syrian ObserverNovember 19, 2018Social Dynamics
UNICEF reaches 25 villages in rural Hama, Syria with safe drinking waterEnglishUNICEFNovember 14, 2018Humanitarian & Development
What is humanitarian deconfliction?EnglishIntegrated Regional Information Networks NewsNovember 13, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Crossing between opposing forces opens near Idlib, SyriaEnglishAl-MonitorNovember 15, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Russian army: Nearly 270,000 Syrian refugees returned homeEnglishAssociated Press NewsNovember 16, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Europe Is the Key Player in Syria: An Alternative Template for TransitionEnglishArab Reform Initiative October 4, 2018International Intervention
There’s a Right Way to End Syria’s WarEnglishForeign AffairsNovember 14, 2018International Intervention
No more 'moderates'? Al Nusra terrorists unite ALL Idlib militants under single anti-Assad commandEnglishRussia TodayNovember 16, 2018Other
Will the defeat of ISIS mark the end of battle against terrorismArabicANA PressNovember 18, 2018Other
Absent an International Outcry, Detainees Start Hunger Strike for Justice in SyriaEnglishHuman Rights WatchNovember 18, 2018Other