Media Anthology

November 20 to 26, 2018

U.S.-backed Syria forces clash with Islamic State, dozens dead: monitor, SANAEnglishReutersNovember 25, 2018Conflict and Military
More casualties due to the security chaos raise to 100, the number of citizens who have been killed and assassinated in Idlib province and the countryside connected to it since late April 2018EnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsNovember 25, 2018Conflict and Military
Warplanes stab Putin – Erdogan deal and bombard areas within the demilitarized zone for the first time since it was put in effectEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsNovember 25, 2018Conflict and Military
"The National Army" launch a military campaign in three cities in rural AleppoArabicEnab BaladiNovember 20, 2018Conflict and Military
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The terrorist attack on Aleppo by poison gas as a result of some countries facilitating the access of chemicals to terroristsArabicSyrian Arab News AgencyNovember 25, 2018Conflict and Military
Damascus Awaits Its First Skyscrapers With Housing Complex Construction UnderwayEnglishSputnik NewsNovember 23, 2018Economic
What is behind the deterioration of the Syrian pound "SYP"ArabicAl-Hal11/201/2018Economic
Turkish delegations draw the structure of rural Aleppo's economicArabicEnab BaladiNovember 25, 2018Economic
Syrian regime grants citizenship to Iranians, Hezbollah fightersEnglishThe Jerusalem PostNovember 25, 2018Governance and Service Management
Government of Syria invokes the remnants of war to remove entire streets in eastern AleppoArabicBaladi NewsNovember 20, 2018Governance and Service Management
Ar-Raqqa is facing difficulties in reopening the schools because of the lack of assistanceArabicReutersNovember 26, 2018Governance and Service Management
Arab tribes in "Manbij" respond to the decision of compulsory recruitment and call for Turkey to intervene militarilyEnglishNedaa SyriaNovember 26, 2018Social Dynamics
Government of Syria arrests people who previously worked in the opposition factions in Dar'aArabicEnab BaladiNovember 21, 2018Social Dynamics
Civilians, monitors accuse US-led coalition of ‘disregard’ for civilian life as anti-IS Hajin campaign drags into third monthEnglishSyria DirectNovember 21, 2018Humanitarian & Development
“Fear of terrorism”… “Pretext” to reduce financial support for civil projectsEnglishEnab BaladiNovember 17, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Despite Sochi agreement, what prevent the people of the disarmament zone in rural Hama from returning?ArabicAl-HalNovember 20, 2018Humanitarian & Development
Government of Germany resolves the debate over the deportation of Syrian refugeesArabicMadar DailyNovember 20, 2018Humanitarian & Development
A report warns of stopping the humanitarian organizations' work in Idleb due to the kidnappingArabicEneba BaladiNovember 21, 2018Humanitarian & Development
US sends large supply of weapons to Kurdish-led forces in SyriaEnglishAl-Masdar NewsNovember 25, 2018International Intervention
U.S. targets Iran-Russia network over oil sent to SyriaEnglishReutersNovember 20, 2018International Intervention
Even a ‘Diplomat’s Diplomat’ Can’t Solve Syria’s Civil WarEnglishThe AtlanticNovember 26, 2018International Intervention
Turkey determined to clear northern Syria of YPG terror before handing region to localsEnglishDaily SabahNovember 23, 2018International Intervention
The Evolution of the Salafi-Jihadist ThreatEnglishCenter for Strategic & International StudieNovember 20, 2018Other
Was Syria different? Anticipating the next Islamic StateEnglishBrookingsNovember 20, 2018Other
The Syrian Conflict’s Next FrontEnglishHuman Rights WatchNovember 23, 2018Other
Assad regime, opposition swap detainees in Syria: Turkey's Foreign MinistryEnglishDaily SabahNovember 24, 2018Other
Syrian Women Seek Role in Drafting ConstitutionEnglishVoice of America NewsNovember 24, 2018Other