Media Anthology

December 11 to 17, 2018

Erdogan announces the start of East Euphrates operation within daysArabicEnab BaladiDecember 12, 2018Conflict and Military
The assassination of "Yousef Al-Hashish,” who is targeting the reconciliation leaders in Dar'a?ArabicAl ModonDecember 12, 2018Conflict and Military
Turkish artillery targets Government of Syria forces in southern rural AleppoArabicSyrian Press CenterDecember 13, 2018Conflict and Military
Why is "Umm Ali" buying real estate along the Babella - Sayyeda Zeinab road?ArabicAl ModonDecember 14, 2018Economic
Assad says Syria reconstruction to cost $400bnEnglishPress TVDecember 14, 2018Economic
Russia & Syria to dump dollar in mutual trade, agree joint energy projectsEnglishRussia TodayDecember 14, 2018Economic
Housing Institution: Allocation of more than 2,900 dwellings during the first month of 2019ArabicSyrian Arab News AgencyDecember 16, 2018Economic
What is the Regime’s purpose to classify Syria into planning regions?ArabicJisr TV12/13/20148Governance and Service Management
Syria’s regime has given the Fatah Islamic Institute influence, but at what cost?EnglishCarnegie Middle East CenterDecember 17, 2018Governance and Service Management
A meeting of the tribal dignitaries and sheikhs with the civil bodies in MenbijArabicMenbij Military CouncilDecember 16, 2018Social Dynamics
‘Like a big prison’: Months into reconciliation, invisible borders still divide Syria’s southwestEnglishSyria DirectDecember 12, 2018Social Dynamics
Trust needed between Arabs and Kurds to stabilize Raqqa, Deir ez-ZorEnglishAl MonitorDecember 14, 2018Social Dynamics
Russian Defense Ministry requests  Damascus to clarify the rumors about the fees for issuing documents for returneesArabicRussia TodayDecember 11, 2018Humanitarian & Development
UNHCR: We reached an agreement on the mechanism for the repatriation of Syrian refugees from LebanonArabicHalab TodayDecember 13, 2018Humanitarian & Development
UN approves aid deliveries across borders to SyriansEnglishThe Charlotte ObserverDecember 13, 2018Humanitarian & Development
UN: 250,000 Syrian refugees could return to homeland next yearEnglishPress TVDecember 11, 2018Humanitarian & Development
"McGurk": The coalition will stay in Syria till the formation of internal security forcesArabicSmart News AgencyDecember 12, 2018International Intervention
US Department of Defense announces the establishment of observation points northern of Syria ArabicAl-Yaum TVDecember 12, 2018International Intervention
De Mistura postpones his statement waiting for the announcement of the "guarantor countries" agreement on the "Constitutional Committee"ArabicGeiroon NetworkDecember 14, 2018International Intervention
America’s hidden war in SyriaEnglishThe Washington PostDecember 14, 2018Other
'Thank God you survived the war': How life returned to Aleppo's Old CityEnglishMiddle East EyeDecember 15, 2018Other
The Assad Regime's Financial ViabilityEnglishHarmoon Center For Contemporary StudiesDecember 15, 2018Other