Media Anthology

January 01 to 07, 2019

HTS won, and Al-Zinki to AfrinArabicAl modonJanuary 5, 2019Conflict and Military
Hidden reasons of clashes between Tahrir Al-Sham" vs "National Liberation Front", military sources revealEnglishNedaa SyriaJanuary 4, 2019Conflict and Military
Russia and Iran Prepare For New Syria BattlefieldEnglishInstitute for the Study of WarJanuary 7, 2019Conflict and Military
HTS reopens Murak crossing againArabicBaladi NewsJanuary 6, 2019Economic
After "Islamic Bank of Syria", Samer Foz invests in "Al-Baraka" bankArabicEnab BaladiJanuary 1, 2019Economic
Assad regime's brokers sell houses of Deir Al-Zour for Iranian militias under forged contractsEnglishNedaa SyriaJanuary 3, 2019Economic
Before water and electricity, the regime’s government rehabilitates the recruitment division’s building in DoumaArabicEnab BaladiJanuary 6, 2019Governance and Service Management
Talbiseh and Dar'a, a second revolution?ArabicAl modonJanuary 3, 2019Social Dynamics
Civilians’ fate threatened by uncontrolled circulation of weapons in Al-Neirab campEnglishAction Group for Palestinians of SyriaJanuary 7, 2019Social Dynamics
“We were eating grass”: Syrians flee as fight pushes on against last ISIS remnantsEnglishNational Public RadioJanuary 6, 2019Humanitarian & Development
A group of displaced people returned from Al-Rukban camp to northern Homs provinceArabicEnab BaladiJanuary 3, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Appeals to open a humanitarian corridor in Eastern AleppoArabicSyria Press CenterJanuary 4, 2019Humanitarian & Development
A ‘secret offer’ was carried by Kurdish delegation to Moscow: The borders for Damascus and cooperation against Ankara.ArabicAsharq Al AwsatJanuary 5, 2019International Intervention
Turkey seeks major U.S. military support to adopt fight in SyriaEnglishThe Wall Street JournalJanuary 4, 2019International Intervention
Turkish army brass at odds over military operation in SyriaEnglishAl-MonitorJanuary 4, 2019International Intervention
Erdogan: Trump Is Right on Syria. Turkey Can Get the Job Done.EnglishThe New York timesJanuary 7, 2019International Intervention
Assad will remain in power 'for a while', says Jeremy HuntEnglishThe GuardianJanuary 3, 2019International Intervention
Bashar Al-Assad’s international rehabilitation has begunEnglishThe Washington PostJanuary 5, 2019Other
Ahmad Al-Jarba seeks bigger role in the east of EuphratesArabicEnab BaladiJanuary 5, 2019Other