Media Anthology

February 18 to 25, 2019

Al-Sheikh Mountain: The "7th Division" continues pressuring Al-Harmon troopsArabicAl modonFebruary 20, 2019Conflict and Military
Including about 180 ISIS members, more than 2000 persons, mostly ISIS members’ families, got out through Coalition trucks from al-Baghuz farms east of the EuphratesEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsFebruary 20, 2019Conflict and Military
Nasriyeh base in the Qalamoun is under Iranian controlArabicAl modonFebruary 22, 2019Conflict and Military
Russia suggests appointing ‘The Tiger’ as commander of the armyEnglishThe Syrian ObserverFebruary 22, 2019Conflict and Military
Iranian forces strengthen capabilities in SyriaArabicStrategy WatchFebruary 22, 2019Conflict and Military
Does businessman Nabil Al-Kuzbari still support the regime?ArabicEqtsadFebruary 22, 2019Economic
In light of Bashar's speech, Syrian pound to where?ArabicEqtsadFebruary 22, 2019Economic
The emerging commercial elites in Syria, Al-Qattan and Al-Qaterji as examplesArabicOmran CenterFebruary 22, 2019Economic
"Ghawar of Aleppo" controls its roads, the Ministry of Interior is unable to stop himArabicEnab BaladiFebruary 25, 2019Economic
Assad adviser rejects idea of granting Syrian Kurds autonomyEnglishReutersFebruary 19, 2019Governance and Service Management
The gas crisis pushes people toward harder solutions: Harsh travel to Lebanon to get a cylinderArabicAl SouriaFebruary 21, 2019Governance and Service Management
In crumbling Aleppo, residents scramble for shelterEnglishDaily Mail OnlineFebruary 21, 2019Governance and Service Management
Pro-regime areas are experiencing public discontent because of the deterioration of securityArabicStrategy WatchFebruary 22, 2019Governance and Service Management
Latakia: like a thieves marketArabicAl modonFebruary 24, 2019Governance and Service Management
One hundred British children born to Islamic State brides remain in Syria, experts warnEnglishThe Telegraph February 24, 2019Social Dynamics
Jordan: Syrian refugees do not want to return to their countryArabicEnab BaladiFebruary 20, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Response Coordination Group: Thousands of families have displaced from disarmament areasArabicEnab BaladiFebruary 20, 2019Humanitarian & Development
International Organizations leave proposed “Safe Zone”EnglishThe Syrian ObserverFebruary 20, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Syria: Concerns for Civilians Escaping ISIS HoldoutEnglishHuman Rights WatchFebruary 22, 2019Humanitarian & Development
The effects of Syria’s war on health could last for generationsEnglishMiddle East MonitorFebruary 20, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Syrians call for revoking British citizenship of Assad's wifeEnglishAl ArabyFebruary 20, 2019International Intervention
Turkey's Erdoğan hails 'significant progress' with Russia, Iran over Syria's IdlibEnglishHurriyet Daily NewsFebruary 23, 2019International Intervention
Returnees to Syria are displacing to Lebanon againArabicAl modonFebruary 19, 2019Other
"European Foreign Affairs" endorses repatriating the European ISIS fighters on an individual basisArabicBaladi NewsFebruary 19, 2019Other
Syria's Kurds made three demands to substitute the American withdrawn ArabicAsharq Al AwsatFebruary 21, 2019Other
A hollow victory over the Islamic State in Syria? The high risk of Jihadi revival in Deir ez-Zor’s Euphrates river valleyEnglishCombating Terrorism CenterFebruary 24, 2019Other
Largest IS mass grave yet found outside Syria's RaqqaEnglishFrance 24February 21, 2019Other
'From the gutter to the rain': Inside HTS' takeover of northwestern SyriaEnglishSyria DirectFebruary 25, 2019Other
They came to Syria to fight Isis. Now they want to stayEnglishThe IndependentFebruary 25, 2019Other