Media Anthology

July 02 to 08, 2019

The Syrian military establishment in 2019: Sectarian militias and foreign investmentsEnglishOmran CenterJuly 1, 2019Conflict and Military
Sheikh of a clan close to SDF mysteriously killed in the northern countryside of RaqqahEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsJuly 2, 2019Conflict and Military
Casualties in motorcycle bombing in As-SweidaArabicAl ArabiyaJuly 4, 2019Conflict and Military
During one month: A report documents 25 assassination attempts in Dar'aArabicAl SouriaJuly 2, 2019Conflict and Military
Human right report: The National Army detained 56 person in Afrin in one monthArabicEnab BaladiJuly 5, 2019Conflict and Military
For the second time in 24 hours, clashes renew between factions loyal to Turkey and the regime forces west of al-Bab city in areas of “Euphrates Shield”EnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsJuly 4, 2019Conflict and Military
Russia chases Thu Al-Hemma Shalish ArabicAl modonJuly 2, 2019Conflict and Military
(Video) SDF announces the formation of al-Hasakah Military Council at the request of the International CoalitionEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsJuly 4, 2019Governance and Service Management
Water distribution in Quamishli by trucks and the Self Administration accuses the regime of responsibilityArabicJesr PressJuly 7, 2019Governance and Service Management
The UN signs a "working plan" with SDF... What its details? ArabicOrient NewsJuly 2, 2019Social Dynamics
A leaked document banes 119 Syrians of returning homeArabicShezar PressJuly 4, 2019Social Dynamics
Civil society in Syria: A hostage of fear, bureaucracy and politicsEnglishSyria DirectJuly 4, 2019Social Dynamics
Al-Qusayr: Hezbollah allows a conditional return for few familiesArabicAl modonJuly 8, 2019Social Dynamics
Principled aid in Syria: A framework for international agenciesEnglishChatham HouseJuly 3, 2019Humanitarian & Development
A way out for Russia and Turkey from Idlib's spiral of violenceEnglishMiddle East InstituteJuly 1, 2019International Intervention
The US Needs to Re-engage with the Syrian OppositionEnglishThe New TurkeyJuly 2, 2019International Intervention
Sanctions exhausted them and airstrikes destroyed them. Iran's militias are withdrawing from SyriaArabicAl-7alJuly 3, 2019International Intervention
Syrian Legalists Committee reveals a list of defectors extradited by Lebanon to the Syrian regimeArabicShaam NetworkJune 30, 2019Other
The hardliner stream in Hurras al-Din lost its main influential figuresArabicEnab BaladiJuly 3, 2019Other
Jihad goes local: Addressing the root causesEnglishCenter For Global PolicyJuly 3, 2019Other
Harsh homecomingEnglishForeign PolicyJuly 2, 2019Other