Media Anthology

July 09 to 15, 2018

A pro-Turkey Islamic corps carries out a campaign of raids and arrests in Maabatli Township in the countryside of Afrin cityEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsJuly 8, 2019Conflict and Military
The spoiled Tiger of Russia -Suhail al-Hasan- fails in Idlib battle completely and causes the loss of more than 750 members of the regime forces in 70 daysEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsJuly 8, 2019Conflict and Military
A new security branch to "protect state institutions" through the Russian-backed amendment undertaken by AssadArabicAsharq Al AwsatJuly 11, 2019Conflict and Military
Fuel truck explosion causes dozens of casualties in Afrin ArabicAl modonJuly 11, 2019Conflict and Military
A bombed car exploded inside the regime security square in Quamishli ArabicEnab BaladiJuly 11, 2019Conflict and Military
Situation Report 7: Recent Developments in Northwestern Syria as of 12 July 2019EnglishUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian AffairsJuly 12, 2019Conflict and Military
The regime government gains around 197 million Syrian Pound through "anti-smuggling" measures in one weekArabicAl-7alJuly 11, 2019Economic
The war of propertiesEnglishAl JumhuriyaJuly 11, 2019Governance and Service Management
Deir-ez-Zor might witness a dispute between Arab tribes and the Protection Forces because of the head of Deir-ez-Zor civilian councilArabicNedaa SyriaJuly 14, 2019Governance and Service Management
After one year of displacement, the Assad regime allowed Yarmouk camp residents to return homeArabicStep News AgencyJuly 8, 2019Social Dynamics
After security vetting, the regime allows 2% of Al-Qusayr displaced people to return homeArabicSyria TVJuly 12, 2019Social Dynamics
European organizations cease funding for health directorates in north SyriaArabicEnab BaladiJuly 13, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Additional massacres by the shelling of the regime and Russia on Idleb. A human rights network documented the death of 600 civilians during eleven weeks ArabicAl SouriaJuly 12, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Syria: US coalition should address civilian harmEnglishHuman Rights WatchJuly 9, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Russian airstrikes destroy main water plant in Syria’s Maarat al-Numan as refugees suffer ‘tragic’ conditionsEnglishAl ArabyJuly 14, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Top Oman diplomat meets Assad in rare Syria visitEnglishNahar NetJuly 7, 2019International Intervention
Putin’s Not-So-Secret Mercenaries: Patronage, Geopolitics, and the Wagner GroupEnglishCarnegie Endowment for International PeaceJuly 8, 2019International Intervention
A return to American restraint begins in SyriaEnglishThe Century FoundationJuly 10, 2019International Intervention
The map of the Iranian influence in SyriaArabicAl JumhuriyaJuly 15, 2019International Intervention
Afrin: Incidents of desecration and destruction Of cultural sitesEnglishBellingcatJuly 12, 2019Other
Less than a month after the latest meeting…a US senior delegation meets with commanders of the “Civil Council” and Sheikhs and tribe dignitaries in Al-Omar OilfieldEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsJuly 10, 2019Other