Media Anthology

August 06 to 12, 2019

One year after the reconciliation in the south, what did it achieve? and what future is waiting for it?ArabicJusoor for StudiesAugust 6, 2019Conflict and Military
Syrian village wiped out in Russian-backed regime onslaught on HamaEnglishAl ArabyAugust 8, 2019Conflict and Military
The Syrian regime seeks to isolate northern rural Hama by heading toward IdlebArabicEnab BaladiAugust 11, 2019Conflict and Military
Within the framework of its siege for the major towns of the northern countryside of Hama and Khan Shaykhun city, the regime forces achieve their most important progress south Idlib since the 30th of April by controlling al-Hbit townEnglishSyrian Observatory for Human RightsAugust 11, 2019Conflict and Military
Who is in charge of the Nasib crossing border, The fourth division or the military intelligence? ArabicAl modonAugust 5, 2019Economic
Aleppo: The tensions between Iran and Russia escalating, economicallyArabicAl modonAugust 6, 2019Economic
From Beqa' to Lattakia, the drugs trip into RussiaArabicAl modonAugust 11, 2019Economic
Germany: Refugees integrated into labor market 'quicker than expected'EnglishDeutsche WelleAugust 6, 2019Economic
Web of Lebanese companies may be shipping Iranian oil to SyriaEnglishThe NationalAugust 11, 2019Economic
The regime will sell the Cemetery of Harasta Martyrs in a public auctionArabicAl modonAugust 5, 2019Governance and Service Management
Building a huge thermal station in Lattakia through an Iranian contractorArabicSyria ScopeAugust 7, 2019Governance and Service Management
Semalka Border Crossing witnesses a large influx of Syrian returneesArabicNorth Press AgencyAugust 9, 2019Social Dynamics
Jbour tribe protests against SDF in QuamishliArabicJesr PressAugust 9, 2019Social Dynamics
East of Euphrates: Why have demonstrations against SDF stopped?ArabicAl modonAugust 8, 2019Social Dynamics
Language, religion, and culture are the fuel of the Russian-Iranian rivalry in SyriaArabicSyria TVAugust 10, 2019Social Dynamics
Inside the Syrian Arab Red CrescentEnglishSyria Justice and Accountability CenterAugust 8, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Kuwait provides a grant for farmers in the regime-held areas ArabicEnab BaladiAugust 8, 2019Humanitarian & Development
New evidence of Syria's regime withholding aid from civilians and enriching Assad loyalistsEnglishAl ArabyAugust 7, 2019Humanitarian & Development
The crisis is coming: Syria and the end of the U.S.-Turkish allianceEnglishWar on the RocksAugust 5, 2019International Intervention
From the 'peace operation' to the 'peace corridor', the precursors of Cyprus are present in east SyriaArabicSyria TVAugust 8, 2019International Intervention
Syria’s constitutional committee still mired in discordEnglishAl-MonitorAugust 8, 2019International Intervention
A large influx of displacement from the south in conjunction with the end of the grace periodArabicNedaa SyriaAugust 10, 2019Other
A suggestion to give three months as a grace period to illegal Syrians in IstanbulArabicEnab BaladiAugust 9, 2019Other