Media Anthology

August 26 to September 02, 2019

The opposition factions launched a counter-offensive against the regime forces east of IdlebArabicEnab BaladiAugust 27, 2019Conflict and Military
The regime targeted the tenth Turkish observation pointArabicAl modonAugust 28, 2019Conflict and Military
At the request of Russia…Bashar Al-Assad disbands Rami Makhlouf’s military wingEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsAugust 29, 2019Conflict and Military
The National Army closed the unlicensed weapon shops in AfrinArabicEnab BaladiAugust 31, 2019Conflict and Military
The regime forces raided East Qalamoun towns searching for deserters from military serviceArabicStep News AgencySeptember 1, 2019Conflict and Military
Between opening and banning import, conflicting interests between industrialists and tradersArabicIndustry NewsAugust 26, 2019Economic
'They are going to deliver this oil to Syria': How an Iranian supertanker is flouting Trump's sanctionsEnglishCBC NewsAugust 28, 2019Economic
Assad orders measures against Rami Makhlouf's companies EnglishAsharq Al AwsatAugust 28, 2019Economic
Refugees In Germany Did Not Bring Higher Risk To GermansEnglishForbesAugust 29, 2019Economic
The holding of Pharaoh Group money in SyriaArabicEnab BaladiSeptember 2, 2019Economic
740 objections against the Qaboun industrial regulatory plan ArabicIndustry NewsAugust 27, 2019Governance and Service Management
Confiscating opposition people's properties and transferring them to  the regime's deadsArabicGhouta Media Center August 29, 2019Governance and Service Management
IDPs under olive trees are faced by a governmental warning in IdlebArabicEnab BaladiAugust 25, 2019Governance and Service Management
Because of a football match, dozens of injuries among civilians in LattakiaArabicEldorar AlshamiaAugust 28, 2019Social Dynamics
Exodus grows as fighting rages in north-west SyriaEnglishBBCAugust 24, 2019Humanitarian & Development
UN Security Council considers Syria resolution calling for Idlib truceEnglishMiddle East EyeAugust 29, 2019International Intervention
New judicial position concerning SyriaEnglishSwedish Migration AgencyAugust 29, 2019International Intervention
Airstrike hit Damascus, Israel announced failing a plan for Faylaq Al-Quds against it in SyriaArabicEnab BaladiAugust 25, 2019International Intervention
Syria: Debates won’t change realityEnglishMiddle East InstituteAugust 29, 2019International Intervention
A dramatic turning point, 40 Gulf businessmen arrived in Damascus today to participate in Damascus International Exhibition ArabicAlalam TVAugust 27, 2019Other