Media Anthology

September 17 to 23, 2019

Airstrikes target military bases on the Syrian-Iraqi bordersArabicEnab BaladiSeptember 17, 2019Conflict and Military
Assassinations in Al-Qardaha and Talal Al-Assad vows of revengeArabicOrient NewsSeptember 17, 2019Conflict and Military
Assassinations in opposition-held areas over the period between February and July 2019ArabicOmran CenterSeptember 17, 2019Conflict and Military
Saudi Arabia undertook airstrikes against Iranian locations in Syria for the first timeArabicAl-7alSeptember 18, 2019Conflict and Military
Two operations for ISIS in Dar'a and As-Sweida in 24 hoursArabicEnab BaladiSeptember 23, 2019Conflict and Military
The regime militia expel reconciliation factions from Nasib crossingArabicAl modonSeptember 17, 2019Economic
Collapse of the Syrian pound deals blow to struggling shopsEnglishNahar netSeptember 18, 2019Economic
Reclaiming home: The struggle for socially just housing, land and property rights in Syria, Iraq and LibyaEnglishFriedrich Ebert StiftungSeptember 17, 2019Governance and Service Management
The Salvation Government opens the registration on Idleb Residential ProjectArabicQasiounSeptember 18, 2019Governance and Service Management
How Did Syrian Businessman Mohamed Hamsho Strip al-Qaboun Real Estate From Its Owners?Arabic damascus voiceSeptember 19, 2019Governance and Service Management
After designating them on the terrorist list, a security campaign against Syrian companiesArabicQasiounSeptember 19, 2019Governance and Service Management
Turkey says three million could return to safe zone in SyriaEnglishBBCSeptember 16, 2019Social Dynamics
As-Sweida is one step away from burningArabicSuwar MagazineSeptember 17, 2019Social Dynamics
Nasrallah to allow the return of Al-Qusayr people from Lebanon to their hometown  ArabicStep News AgencySeptember 20, 2019Social Dynamics
Syrian protesters demanding withdrawal of Iran-backed militias wounded by regime forcesEnglishKurdistan 24September 20, 2019Social Dynamics
The humanitarian situation in northwest Syria one year after Suchi AgreementArabicHumanitarian ResponseSeptember 23, 2019Humanitarian & Development
European Union halting Its support for education sector In IdlebEnglishEnab BaladiSeptember 20, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Presidents of Russia, Turkey, Iran agree on forming Syrian Constitutional CommitteeEnglishTASS Russian NewsSeptember 17, 2019International Intervention
Congress aims to restore Syria stabilization aidEnglishAl-MonitorSeptember 18, 2019International Intervention
James Jeffrey: We will continue to support SDF and the US forces will for an unlimited periodArabicNorth Press AgencySeptember 16, 2019International Intervention
The Negotiation Committee announces its candidates for Constitutional CommitteeArabicQasiounSeptember 19, 2019International Intervention
Terror, genocide, and the “genocratic” turnEnglishAl JumhuriyaSeptember 19, 2019Other