Media Anthology

September 24 to 30, 2019

The establishment of military councils in the Self Administration areas: Context, aims, and ramificationsArabicOmran CenterSeptember 20, 2019Conflict and Military
Despite Syria ‘Safe Zone,’ Kurdish leader fears threat from TurkeyEnglishForeign PolicySeptember 23, 2019Conflict and Military
Moscow says 'terrorists' received 'outside help' in Hmeimin drone attacksEnglishAsharq Al AwsatSeptember 25, 2019Conflict and Military
After hundreds of crimes, gangs reconciled with the state in As-SweidaArabicSuwayda 24September 23, 2019Conflict and Military
Could a war be launched against HTS in Idleb?ArabicAl modonSeptember 26, 2019Conflict and Military
Syriatel, facing reports of the Makhlouf-Assad dispute, preemptively strikes expected third operatorEnglishThe Syrian ObserverSeptember 25, 2019Economic
Syria makes second attempt to swap its durum for soft wheatEnglishThe Daily StarSeptember 26, 2019Economic
Damascus Chamber of Commerce announcing the procedures of the business sector's initiative to support the Syrian LiraArabicAl WatanSeptember 25, 2019Economic
‘Economic donations’ to Russia and Iran secure Assad's future but threaten Syria’s (interactive map)EnglishSyria DirectSeptember 25, 2019Economic
Sheraton meeting: Intentional ambiguity and predictions of financial settlement with war profiteersEnglishThe Syrian ObserverSeptember 30, 2019Economic
When will the collective punishment against east Aleppo population be stoppedArabicAl modonSeptember 23, 2019Governance and Service Management
10,000 people have  been affected by the precautionary holding lawArabicHalab Today TVSeptember 29, 2019Governance and Service Management
Many people from Yarmouk camp applied for returnArabicAction Group for Palestinians of SyriaSeptember 25, 2019Social Dynamics
Humanitarian Access Analysis as of 17 September 2019EnglishUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian AffairsSeptember 18, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Russia starts dismantling Rukban campEnglishBaladi NewsSeptember 28, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Idleb drinks contaminated water ArabicAl JumhuriyaSeptember 26, 2019Humanitarian & Development
The regime's hands seizing humanitarian aids under the pretext of civil society ArabicSuwar Magazine September 26, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Pedersen achieves the first Syrian-Syrian consensus: The Constitutional Committee with reference to the resolution 2254 ArabicAsharq Al AwsatSeptember 24, 2019International Intervention
For the second time, deploying an American-Turkish joint patrol in the Safe ZoneArabicEnab BaladiSeptember 24, 2019International Intervention
The European Union: No return for diplomatic relations with the Assad regimeArabicBaladi NewsSeptember 24, 2019International Intervention
Who are the 150 members of the Constitutional Committee ArabicAl modonSeptember 24, 2019International Intervention
U.S. intelligence finds Syrian government conducted chlorine rocket attack in MayEnglishThe Wall Street JournalSeptember 26, 2019International Intervention
Syria Study Group final reportEnglishUnited States Institute of PeaceSeptember 24, 2019Other