Media Anthology

October 22 to 28, 2019

Turkey suspended Peace Spring, whilst the Self Administration is discussing the Russian-Turkish dealArabicAl modonOctober 23, 2019Conflict and Military
Russia deploying patrols on the Syrian-Turkish borders for the first timeArabicEnab BaladiOctober 23, 2019Conflict and Military
Responding to Menbij strike, SDF carried out a large-scale detention campaign among local residentsArabicBaladi NewsOctober 22, 2019Conflict and Military
Five explosions in northern Syria following the Russian-Turkish dealArabicEnab BaladiOctober 25, 2019Conflict and Military
The regime forces arrest about 50 young men from Harasta city in the Eastern Ghouta in Rif Dimashq including people returned to the city under auspices of the “reconciliation” committeeEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsOctober 24, 2019Conflict and Military
Heavy clashes erupted between the Turkish army and the Syrian regime forcesArabicAl HurraOctober 24, 2019Conflict and Military
Fears of a dark future for Idleb following the kill of Al-BagdadiArabicAl modonOctober 27, 2019Conflict and Military
ISIS return is paving the way for the second CaliphateArabicJusoor for StudiesOctober 25, 2019Conflict and Military
Protests threaten 30 billion dollars for Syrians in Lebanese banksArabicAl-7alOctober 23, 2019Economic
Idleb's daily markets provide job opportunities and livelihoods for the governorate's populationArabicSyria TVOctober 24, 2019Economic
Idleb: No roads for traveling to other governorates due to the closure of Menbij-Jarablus roadArabicEqtsadOctober 26, 2019Economic
Syria: Turkish identification cards obliterate identity of natives and displaced populations alikeEnglishSyrians for Truth and JusticeOctober 21, 2019Governance and Service Management
The end of the first phase of Qaboun Residential ProjectArabicAl-7alOctober 23, 2019Governance and Service Management
Punishing Syrian public servants in former rebel areas will only bring more divisionEnglishMiddle East EyeOctober 24, 2019Governance and Service Management
A village in Afrin district suffers a severe lack of services ArabicHalab Today TVOctober 24, 2019Governance and Service Management
The Interim Government forges the first council in east EuphratesArabicEnab BaladiOctober 28, 2019Governance and Service Management
Documentation of 72 torture methods the Syrian regime continues to practice in Its detention centers and military hospitalsEnglishSyrian Network for Human RightsOctober 21, 2019Social Dynamics
The tribes of the Syrian Jazira: who is paying the camels price? ArabicAl modonOctober 25, 2019Social Dynamics
Syrian Arab tribes that saw off Isis gear up to face Bashar al‑AssadEnglishThe TimesOctober 27, 2019Social Dynamics
A full report of Deir-ez-Zor protests on October 25, 2019ArabicJesr PressOctober 25, 2019Social Dynamics
Aiding & AbettingEnglishInternational ReviewOctober 22, 2019Humanitarian & Development
The Syria withdrawal’s other victimsEnglishThe New RepublicOctober 24, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Exclusive: EU transfers €500m Turkey aid project to IFRC – but mulls exit strategyEnglishThe New HumanitarianOctober 24, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Syrian refugees from Rukban camp fear execution in regime 'reception centres'EnglishThe New ArabOctober 23, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Turkey, Russia agree on new Syria accordEnglishHurriyet Daily NewsOctober 22, 2019International Intervention
Pedersen: the solution in Idleb is political not militaryArabicEnab BaladiOctober 24, 2019International Intervention
Trump wants U.S. troops to guard Syria’s oil. The Kurds may not welcome themEnglishForeign PolicyOctober 24, 2019International Intervention
Russia emphasizing its presence in northeast Syria and talking about Kurdish withdrawingArabicAsharq Al AwsatOctober 25, 2019International Intervention
Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen: The long-term civil challenges and host country threats from “failed state” warsEnglishCenter for Strategic & International StudiesOctober 25, 2019International Intervention
Sochi agreement: A Russian overreach?EnglishMiddle East EyeOctober 25, 2019International Intervention
The Constitutional Committee starts its meetings next Wednesday in GenevaArabicDaily SabahOctober 28, 2019International Intervention
Ten barriers to the Turkish safe zone in north SyriaArabicBrocar PressOctober 22, 2019International Intervention
The Syrian opposition: The Russian-Turkish deal is a disasterArabicAl modonOctober 24, 2019Other