Media Anthology

29 October - 04 November, 2019

After setting fire to cars owned by Al-Bostan Foundation that belongs to Rami Makhlouf .. the regime forces carry out campaigns of raids in Al-Quneitra city and arrest a number of young menEnglishSyrian Observatory For Human RightsOctober 28, 2019Conflict and Military
casualties in an IED in Afrin north of SyriaArabicArabi 21October 31, 2019Conflict and Military
Assad-Russian bombing in Idlib countryside kills civiliansEnglishOrient NewsOctober 31, 2019Conflict and Military
Turkish-Russian patrols might start today east of EuphratesArabicShaam NetworkNovember 1, 2019Conflict and Military
Opposition factions controlled new locations for the regime in rural LattakiaArabicBaladi NewsNovember 1, 2019Conflict and Military
East of Euphrates: The war continues despite dealsArabicAl Quds Al ArabiNovember 2, 2019Conflict and Military
The Government formed a committee to detect the biggest tax evadersArabicAl-IqtisadiOctober 30, 2019Economic
Local cross-line coordination in SyriaEnglishUnited States Institute of PeaceOctober 3, 2019Economic
The US built a new bridge to transfer oil between Syria and IraqArabicZaman Al WaslOctober 31, 2019Economic
Iran signed a contract to reconstruct the power sector in SyriaArabicErem NewsNovember 2, 2019Economic
Azqoul: Goods movement between Syria and Lebanon has stopped ArabicAl-IqtisadiNovember 4, 2019Economic
Evacuation notices were sent to the residents of a neighborhood in Damascus in favor of Marota City investorsArabicAl-7alOctober 31, 2019Governance and Service Management
The Interim Government started to establish a police sector in Tell Abiad and Ras Al AinArabicEnab BaladiNovember 4, 2019Governance and Service Management
Germany charges two Syrians with crimes against humanityEnglishAl JazeeraOctober 29, 2019Social Dynamics
Syria is witnessing an increase in the number of reported suicides, although it is not known what is pushing people to take their own lives writes Snack SyriaEngishThe Syrian ObserverOctober 28, 2019Social Dynamics
A protest in Ar-Raqqa to refuse the entry of the regime forcesArabicEnab BaladiMarch 7, 1900Social Dynamics
My pen is my dream, a new campaign to salvage education in northwest SyriaArabicEnab BaladiOctober 27, 2019Humanitarian & Development
A Russian airstrike drove the building of 'Youth Toward Future' organization out of serviceArabicBaladi NewsNovember 1, 2019Humanitarian & Development
The main points in the opening speeches of Bahra and Kazbari in GenevaArabicEnab BaladiOctober 29, 2019International Intervention
The constitutional committee held its first meeting, with speeches from the regime and opposition presidents and from the UN Special Envoy reports Alsouria Net.EnglishThe Syrian ObserverOctober 31, 2019International Intervention
How the new Syria took shapeEnglishThe New York timesOctober 30, 2019International Intervention
Trump’s baffling plan to pillage Syria’s oilEnglishThe New YorkerMarch 24, 1900International Intervention
Russia in the Middle East: Jack of all trades, master of noneEnglishCarnegieOctober 31, 2019International Intervention
ISIS leader paid rival for protection but was betrayed by his ownEnglishThe New York timesNovember 1, 2019Other
An analysis of commonalities and divergences of Syrian constitutional papers since 2011ArabicLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceOctober 26, 2019Other
The conditions that created ISIS still existEnglishForeign PolicyOctober 28, 2019Other
45 Syrians are assigned to rewrite the new constitution, what are their qualifications?ArabicEnab BaladiNovember 4, 2019Other