Media Anthology

05 - 11 November, 2019

The Syrian army has opened a land supply route to Al-Hasakeh for the first time since seven yearsArabicSyria ScopeNovember 5, 2019Conflict and Military
Two announcements in one day, ISIS emphasizing its presence in Dar'aArabicEnab BaladiNovember 5, 2019Conflict and Military
Turkey announces arrest of al-Baghdadi's sisterEnglishAnadolu AgencyNovember 5, 2019Conflict and Military
White Phosphorous use in Northern Syria, should the OPCW investigate?EnglishBellingcatNovember 6, 2019Conflict and Military
Turkey has started extraditing ISIS prisoners ArabicAljadeed TVNovember 11, 2019Conflict and Military
China gained three investment contracts to produce construction materials in Syria ArabicAl-7alNovember 5, 2019Economic
ISIS has destroyed an oil convey for the regime near to Ar-RaqqaArabicQasiounNovember 5, 2019Economic
Has the Syrian minister of culture facilitates Hezbollah’s smuggling of archaeology?ArabicAl modonNovember 9, 2019Economic
The Syrian Pound has reached the lowest rate in its historyArabicEqtsadNovember 10, 2019Economic
Kurdish self-administration under fireEnglishAl-MonitorNovember 4, 2019Governance and Service Management
Two conditions for SDF to cut a deal with the Syrian regimeArabicEnab BaladiNovember 6, 2019Governance and Service Management
Damascus Municipality reveals new details about regulating the Yarmouk campArabicAl-IqtisadiNovember 6, 2019Governance and Service Management
New jobs for Syrian womenArabicAl JumhuriyaNovember 5, 2019Social Dynamics
A statistic for the detainees and kidnapped people in As-Sweida over the last monthArabicNedaa SyriaNovember 5, 2019Social Dynamics
Zakat committee's crisis, Kafr Takharim is anticipating an offensive by HTSArabicEqtsadNovember 6, 2019Social Dynamics
Kafr Takharim expelling its Shura council, no deal with HTSArabicAl modonNovember 7, 2019Social Dynamics
Syrian people calls for demonstrations in support of "Kafr Takharim" and the disband of HTS-affiliate "Government of Salvation"EnglishNedaa SyriaNovember 7, 2019Social Dynamics
Tribal figures in Al-Hasakeh forge a reconciliation committee affiliated to the Russian forcesArabicJorf NewsNovember 9, 2019Social Dynamics
With the aim of recruiting children to its projects, Iran established a center for Al-Mahdi Scout in Deir Az-ZorArabicNedaa SyriaNovember 10, 2019Social Dynamics
The schools of north Syria are struggling to lastArabicEnab BaladiNovember 3, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Self-sabotage: Dismantling education in Syria’s IdlibEnglishSynaps NetworkNovember 4, 2019Humanitarian & Development
38 international aid trucks have entered Idleb through TurkeyArabicJisr TvNovember 6, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Thousands of teachers striking in Idleb against the suspension of aidArabicBaladi NewsNovember 9, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Ex-UN Syria envoy says he quit to avoid having to shake Assad's handEnglishThe GuardianNovember 5, 2019International Intervention
No cease-fire in Syria as joint Russian-Turkish patrols beginEnglishForeign PolicyNovember 4, 2019International Intervention
Trump OKs wider Syria oil mission, raising legal questionsEnglishAssociated Press NewsNovember 6, 2019International Intervention
Understanding Russia's intervention in SyriaEnglishRand Corporaition November 6, 2019International Intervention
A new competition for influence in northeast SyriaEnglishInstitute for the Study of WarNovember 7, 2019International Intervention
I saw the birth, and bloody death, of the dream of Syrian democracyEnglishForeign PolicyNovember 7, 2019Other