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In 2018, a team of humanitarian affairs experts, conflict analysts, researchers, and program specialists established the Center for Operational Analysis and Research.

Having experienced the effects of contextual knowledge gaps within the protracted humanitarian and stabilization response to Syria, COAR’s founding members concluded that a new approach was necessary.

COAR is an independent social enterprise that supports the international community to navigate and adapt policy, programs, and projects to emerging and progressively complex, fragile, and high-risk environments. We develop conflict-sensitive, sustainable, and adaptable solutions using boutique, real-time, and long-term contextual analysis and research.

COAR leverages social media, individual networks, field research teams, and country-specific expertise to gather and translate information into actionable decisions.

Based on direct access to affected populations and a deep understanding of their respective political, economic, social, security, and environmental systems and stakeholders, COAR builds a blueprint for humanitarian, stabilization, early recovery, social-cohesion, resilience and development-focused interventions.

our vision and mission

Our Mission

At COAR, we believe that long-term, real-time contextual analysis on affected populations and the dynamics that shape their environment is fundamental to effective policy and practice; without this, responses will bureaucratic, limited to an output, and measured only by the volume of investment and numbers of beneficiaries served.

COAR seeks to disrupt current conventions and recalibrate adopted practices to more closely align with on-the-ground realities, and thereby enable policy-makers and practitioners to devise better solutions to progressively complex, fragile, and high-risk environments.


COAR unchains value through the provision of comprehensive, compelling, relevant, and rigorous contextual research and analysis. Through its field networks, COAR taps into the voices and insights of affected populations and aligns outcomes and impact with the stark realities of complex and ever-changing field environments. COAR breaks down silos by focusing on a country, not a sector or funding stream, and therefore sits at the nexus of humanitarian, resilience, stabilization, early-recovery and development programming.

    Our Services

    Due Diligence and Risk Assessments

    Leveraging field networks and subject matter experts to provide detailed and specific insights, analysis, and recommendations including entity and stakeholder analysis.
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    Bespoke Research

    Ad hoc and custom solutions as well as real time answers to client questions.
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    Safeguarding and Programme Assurance

    Mitigating harm and maximizing impact through contextualized planning, monitoring, and risk management.
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    Location Profiles

    Deep dives on geographic areas to inform area-based program design and relevant stakeholder engagement through a multivariate lens.
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    Thematic and Strategic Research

    Rigorous and in-depth research papers that provide blueprints for decision-makers.
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    Monitoring & Regular Updates

    Briefings, dashboards, and dossiers that go beyond media and incident monitoring to assess the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ driving change, allowing our clients to adapt rapidly.
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      The content compiled and presented by COAR Global LTD is by no means exhaustive and does not reflect COAR’s formal position, political or otherwise, on the aforementioned topics. The information, assessments, and analysis provided by COAR are only to inform humanitarian and development programs and policy.

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