Duma Release Focuses Attention on the Explosive Detainee Issue

In-Depth Analysis On 5 June, local and media sources reported that hundreds of people gathered in Duma’s town square anticipating the release of detainees, as promised during the recent presidential elections by a prominent local sheikh on behalf of the Syrian Government. They left in disappointment and rage. Although local sources indicate that as many […]

Deadly SDF Crackdown as Conscription Sparks Menbij Unrest

In-Depth Analysis On 1 June, media sources reported that between six and eight people were killed, and at least 25 injured in Menbij when Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) sought to quell public demonstrations against military conscription. The protests flared in response to the implementation of a 3 May conscription decree issued by the Autonomous Administration […]

Al-Assad ‘Wins’ Re-Election with 95.1% of The Vote. Now What?

In-Depth Analysis On 28 May, Syria’s parliamentary speaker, Hammouda Sabbagh, declared that Bashar al-Assad won 95.1 percent of the vote in the country’s 26 May presidential election. Al-Assad’s grip on the office was never seriously at stake in the election, despite the participation of two little-known challengers. The outcome delivers the embattled sitting president his […]

Northeast Syria Social Tensions and Stability Monitoring: April Update

  Introduction This is the second report in an ongoing pilot study by COAR to monitor stability and social tensions in northeast Syria. Data collected and verified by COAR field researchers has been classified and analysed according to a broad set of indicators. This brief report assesses data collected in April 2021. As with the […]

Amid Violence, Syria’s Presidential Election Kicks off in Lebanon

In-Depth Analysis Intercommunal tensions between Syrians and the host community in Lebanon reached a troubling flashpoint on 20 May amid violent partisan attacks on Syrians participating from abroad in their country’s presidential election. Multiple video clips circulated on social media showing groups of Lebanese violently confronting Syrians — in some cases hurling stones and smashing […]

Out to Sea: Mediterranean Migration, Return, and Syrians’ Continuing Plight

In-Depth Analysis On 10 May, the Guardian reported that Syrian asylum-seekers were among the 2,000 migrants to arrive by boat in the preceding 24 hours in Lampedusa, an Italian island nestled between the Tunisian coast and the island nation of Malta. The following day, Lebanese authorities reportedly intercepted a boat attempting to smuggle 59 Syrians […]

No Peace for the Dammed: Alarming Water Scarcity in Northeast Syria

In-Depth Analysis Marking yet another alarming episode in an increasingly worrying trend, the waters of the Euphrates River have declined to critically low levels. Drops measured in the past ten days range from three meters at the Euphrates Dam to five meters in the vicinity of Ar-Raqqa. Levels have reached such lows that the hydroelectric […]