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COAR Global Ltd. is committed to maintaining the high standards of professionalism, accountability, and transparency. The development of an external feedback mechanism is one way by which COAR Global Ltd. ensures that voices are heard, shortcomings are addressed, and mistakes are remedied. For any feedback, suggestions, or complaints, please email:

When emailing COAR, please provide contact information and country of residence, as well as detailed description of your feedback, suggestion, or complaint. Please attach any relevant documents or screenshots that can assist us in understanding and investigating your concern and taking appropriate action. You can expect to receive a response from us within 72 hours, detailing next steps and our internal investigatory process, as well as regular updates regarding outcomes, actions taken, and resolution, when applicable. Led by the HR team and Country Directors, COAR will handle any feedback, whether a suggestion or complaint, with utmost confidentiality. As COAR takes a survivor-centered approach, principles of safeguarding and code of conduct will be adhered to.

We thank you for sharing your feedback, and remain committed to the highest levels of professionalism and accountability to all our stakeholders.

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