Wartime and Post Conflict Syria

The Wartime and Post-Conflict Syria project (WPCS) is funded by the European Union and implemented through a partnership between the European University Institute (Middle East Directions Programme) and the Center for Operational Analysis and Research (COAR). The Wartime and Post-Conflict Syria project (WPCS) will provide operational and strategic analysis to policymakers and programmers concerning prospects, challenges, trends, and policy options with respect to conflict and post-conflict Syria. The Wartime and Post-Conflict Syria program (WPCS) also aims to stimulate new approaches and policy responses to the Syrian conflict through a regular dialogue between researchers, policymakers and donors, and implementers, as well as to build a new network of Syrian researchers that will contribute to research informing international policy and practice related to their country.

Through field-based research, the Wartime and Post-Conflict Syria project (WPCS) will focus on policy and response-relevant themes, to include: key actors and dynamics of local governance and service provision; the war economy and its impact on the future engagement in Syria; the fragmentation and complexity of the military and security landscape and options to re-shape security frameworks; and regional interventions and their impact on local socio-political dynamics.

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