Media Anthology

August 20 to 26, 2019

The West is sitting on its hands as Assad destroys Idlib - and we will come to regret our cowardiceEnglishThe TelegraphAugust 20, 2019Conflict and Military
Turkey questions why Russia didn't prevent Idlib attackEnglishAl-MonitorAugust 22, 2019Conflict and Military
'A publicity stunt': Syrians in Idlib baffled by offer of humanitarian corridor exitEnglishMiddle East EyeAugust 22, 2019Conflict and Military
The regime forces entered Murak and Latmana the main stronghold of Jaysh Al-Ezza and encircled the Turkish observation pointArabicStep News AgencyAugust 23, 2019Conflict and Military
SDF arrest humanitarian workers in Raqqa, raising questions and concernsEnglishSyria DirectAugust 19, 2019Conflict and Military
Drugs are the largest exports from the regime areasArabicSyria TVAugust 20, 2019Economic
Fawwaz Fawwaz is the partner of Samer Foz, Bashar Al-Assad-lined businessmanArabicAl modonAugust 26, 2019Economic
Turkey extends deadline for unregistered refugees in IstanbulEnglishHurriyet Daily NewsAugust 21, 2019Governance and Service Management
The Salvation Government bans leasing IDPs from Hama and Idleb without official contractsArabicEnab BaladiAugust 23, 2019Governance and Service Management
The Assad regime launched a rehabilitation campaign in Khan Shaykun; is it an attempt to make it the administrative center of the governorate?ArabicJesr PressAugust 26, 2019Governance and Service Management
As warm welcome chills, Turkey clamps down on SyriansEnglishAssociated Press NewsAugust 21, 2019Social Dynamics
For Istanbul’s Syrians, a time of hoping and hidingEnglishThe New HumanitarianAugust 20, 2019Social Dynamics
Response Coordination Group denies recording any returning case through Suran crossingArabicEnab BaladiAugust 23, 2019Humanitarian & Development
The U.N. helps Syria bomb the oppositionEnglishForeign PolicyAugust 19, 2019Humanitarian & Development
Turkey recalibrates refugee policy as Idlib fighting displaces more SyriansEnglishAl-MonitorAugust 22, 2019Humanitarian & Development
International politics of Syrian refugee return: The case of LebanonEnglishMiddle East InstituteAugust 20, 2019International Intervention
A British mediation to settle the dispute between the Self Administration and the Kurdish National CouncilArabicSyria TVAugust 22, 2019International Intervention
Khan Sheikhoun exposes the limitations of the Turkish guarantor roleEnglishSyria DirectAugust 21, 2019International Intervention
Jawish Oglo in Beirut: Oil and refugeesArabicAl-AkhbarAugust 24, 2019International Intervention
What ‘victory’ looks like: A journey through shattered SyriaEnglishThe New York timesAugust 20, 2019Other